El Nido, Palawan


Palawan is located on the western part of the Philippines. Because of its scenic landscapes and high bio-diversity, Palawan is known as “The Last Ecological Frontier of the Philippines”.

This is the home of the El Nido resorts. With spectacular ancient limestone cliffs that tower over marine sanctuaries, teeming with innumerable species of tropical fish and coral, as well as five species of endangered sea turtle, lush forests abound with more than 100 species of bird, this is one exotic destination.

The place offers a wide variety of resorts, pubs, and dining areas. This is also a good place for scuba diving, as Palawan is blessed with rich marine life.

El Nido is a magical place. From its ageless towering marble cliffs to its white sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, many refer to it as paradise.

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