Eating With a Low Budget in America

If you your budget can’t  afford to eat at some of the finest and most luxurious restaurants in the United States, or if you’re always on the go, and have no time to wait for long orders, stop worrying. We will give you the 10 best sandwiches you can find in the United State. This is recommended by USA Today, with the preferences of Susan Russo, the author of “The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches “. Russo explains that  a sandwich can also be a highly refined food. So, go and grab your sandwich if you are in the following cities:

San Francisco, CaliforniaThe American Grilled Cheese Kitchen: a place of industrial design that serves refined sandwich, like the Piglet. It contains cheddar cheese, ham, butter, rosemary and apple mustard among others.

New YorkMeatball Shop: do not take much at the bottom. Take two balls, put them in a pan and add sauce, brioche-like, add it here and there, and dine with people at the same table. You will get a feeling of being at home even if you are alone.

Portland, OregonKenny & Zuke’s Delicatessen: a kosher-style deli that also offers a rich selection of Bagles.

Chicago, IllinoisXoco: the right place if you love oversized Mexican sandwiches, like the “Cochinita pibil”. It contains roast pork, black beans, onion and habanero sauce.

Columbus, OhioDirty Frank’s Hot Dog Palace: paradise of hot dogs. Go there with friends and order it from so many different tastes.

Las Vegas, NevadaCapriotti’s Sandwich Shop: a whole turkey. Try Bobbie, a sandwich of roast and cranberry sauce.

New Orleans, Louisiana Napoleon House: in the heart of the French Quarter, there are hot sandwiches with ham and Swiss cheese served with Italian salad with olives and crusty bread.

Seattle, Washington Homegrown: for the health conscious. These eco-friendly sandwiches are made ​​with local and seasonal ingredients.

Durham, North CarolinaFoster’s Market: for people who want to experience a whole new taste of sandwich. Have you ever tasted the bacon with avocado in a sandwich? Here you will find that too.

San Diego, CaliforniaK Sandwiches: French bread stuffed with Asian ingredients. An example is pork, pâté, cilantro and fish sauce with a splash of soy. Exotic enough.


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