Dublin, Ireland

Why you’ll love

Dublin is a paradise for lovers of history. Trinity College Library is ideal for starters, because you can see the Book of Kells, an illuminated manuscript of the year 800, the Dublin Castle and the Cathedral of Christ Church and the Temple Bar. For a change of scenery, you can spend an entire day in County Wicklow, which, according to Terry McCabe of Altour Travel, is known as the “garden of Ireland”.

Why is it a good plan

Flights to Dublin are priced 15% lower than the rest of Europe for five years, according to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. It is expected that this trend, caused partly by low airport taxes and aggressive price adjustments to Aer Lingus, continues. Ireland’s economy remains weak, so the cost will seem pleasant, although the country is in the euro zone. For example, hotel prices fell 6% last year, according to Hotels.com.

Where to stay

The contemporary Maldron Hotel Parnell Square (maldronhotels.com), rates range from saving $ 102 per night) just a short distance from Temple Bar and Abbet Theater.


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