Cruising to the Norwegian fjords


Norway is certainly an uncommon destination for holidays. It is full of mystery and charm. The best way to visit the famous Norwegian fjords is to travel on boats with a Hurtigruten cruise.

For more than a century, these ferries have been traveling along the Norwegian coast from Bergen to Kirkenes and beyond the Arctic Circle; thus, maintaining a link to the coastal towns, even when the roads are impassable for the snow.

This is a more economic way to travel than the classic cruises. So much that it has become the preferred means to travel, even by the Norwegians themselves. Also, it is good to know what accommodation and meals are preferred beforehand.

The travel is from Bergen to Kirkenes or vice versa, which lasts for seven days. The boat stops in 35 ports to download mail, leaving time for passengers to visit the towns and to make excursions to the most beautiful places in Norway.

Truly the best way to celebrate the holidays in Norway. Enjoy!









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