Cruising in the Patagonia

If you like to travel in details and indulge in a travel that is full of emotions, then a beautiful cruise on the ice of the Chilean Patagonia might be for you.

One option is to explore the Quintupeu fjord, the old and unique bed of a glacier surrounded by mountains, with lush vegetation. The travel starts from the Chinquihue terminal to navigatating through the archipelago of Llanquihue and the pace of Queullin. Stop for the night at the point where the German ship Dresden dropped anchor in the First World War. On the next day, you can go through the Hornopirén Canal, then visit the village of Rio Negros. Still at sea through the Gulf of Ancud and the Canal Chidhuapi, you can finally sail off to the town of Calbuco.

Aboard the Skorpios II, while admiring the Chilean coast, you can also taste the local gastronomic delicacies: wine, fish, poultry and red curanto (a dish of meat, seafood and potatoes flavored with rhubarb and cabbage cooked in a hole in the ground).

The cost of cabins range from $171 to $238 for the inner double suites.


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