Church of the Blessed Sacrament




Retiro has its epicenter in the Plaza San Martin, a beautiful park on a hill overlooking the English Tower, which is another icon of Buenos Aires. In this busy area of Buenos Aires, one must pay great attention to this church in 1039 San Martin Street. This is the church of the Blessed Sacrament which was consecrated in 1916.

If you have trouble finding it, do not despair. This church was ordered to be built by a woman of rank in Buenos Aires. This church has been overshadowed by the Kavanagh building. This church has a story behind of a fight between two wealthy families.

As the story goes, the Anchorena lived in the San Martin Palace with 150 servants. The Kavanagh on the other hand, was a powerful family as well. When two members of each family fell madly in love, marriage was prohibited by Anchorena and thus, ordered the construction of a building whose only purpose was to prevent the view from the palace to Anchorena church.

Today, the church keeps its beauty with its eclectic style and is still considered one of the most luxurious of the city of Buenos Aires. But due to the vicissitudes, it has remained a hidden corner.




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