Cheap air travel destinations


There are many ways to lower your travel costs when going on a vacation, you can book your flight and room much earlier than the vacation time, you can fly to cities near not in your direct destination, you can book lower classes, there are many ways to lower your budget. But if you go to an expensive destination all your efforts will be futile, so here are few worldwide destinations to visit by air that will cost less, but will offer no less than the world wide tourism centers have to offer:

–           Turkey is one of the expanding tourist countries, it has many activities to offer, such as sightseeing of the historical and religious objects, especially in Istanbul, all of the great cultures have been located in Turkey. It has also wonderful beaches in the south, here included is the resort of Antalya, where you can go by flight, have all included hotel package in four stars hotel and all of this is around 700 $.

–           There are some cheap Caribbean destinations and one of them is the Dominican Republic, it is the second largest nation in the Caribbean region. The Dominican Republic tourism is just now on the rise, prices are still cheap, and who can say for how long they will stay low, so visiting it now would be a wise choice. Going by air here with a decent hotel included can be even close to 500 $.

–           Another cheap destination is Myanmar, although there is belief that this is not a safe country for tourists, the government has taken care that this is changed, so Myanmar is now as safe for foreigners as it can get. The country, formerly known as Burma, has many beautiful beach resorts and many of them go on the cheap.

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