Cayo Largo, Cuba: A spectacle!



Have you ever wanted to get lost in tranquility? Then you should go on a vacation to Cayo Largo, Cuba!


This island is situated on the southwest extremity of the Canarreos Archipelago, about 80 kilometers fromCuba. Cayo Largo is the ideal place for nature lovers who seek  calm and serene places.


If music and  joy reigns the main island, the atmosphere on Cayo Largo is more relaxed and simple.


Its 25 kilometers of beaches and crystal clear waters are ideal for sunbathing in complete relaxation. For those who prefer sports, you can choose between a wide range of entertainment—from diving to surfing, sailing, and even riding horses.


The island is full of tourist villages that often offer excellent packages at great prices. The main beaches are Lindamar and Parayso in Playa Sirena where you can find gigantic starfishes.


There are many tropical birds like pelicans, parrots and herons in the island. You can even find a herd of turtles and the “Granja de Tortuga”. In addition, a large number of iguanas inhabit the area. Under the sea, you can find and admire a large variety of corals.


Cayo Largo has no permanent residents. Even the Cubans come here to work in hotels. The tropical climate ensures an average temperature of 27 degrees and low rainfall.


A spectacle so beautiful, that it can convince you pack your bags and leave for Cayo Largo,Cuba!

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