Cayo Coco, Central Cuba – A Brief Overview

If you haven’t planed your itinerary for the next holidays as yet, we suggest you include Cuba too. A much sought after destination, Cuba is known for picturesque and stunning locales. One such destination is located 60 km from the city of Morón, in Ciego de Ávila. Called Cayo Coco, it is the largest island of the archipelago Sabana-Camagüey and the fourth biggest in Cuba. It is 36 km long and offers nearly 22 km of white sandy beaches which are among the finest in the country.

A neighboring island, Cayo Guillermo, is smaller (13 km in length) and is slightly less frequented by tourists. That gives it a certain virgin charm, and the road that takes you there is superb. These two islands form a natural paradise with crystal clear water blessed with a thriving tourism industry.

To get to Cayo Coco, one has to tread along the PEDRAPLAN, a dam supporting a spectacular road of 17 km, crossing the sea and marshes. This road was built in 1991 by filling stones and earth on the marshes. The feat of its realization still remains the pride of the inhabitants of the region. You can see an abundance of marine life along the way, and that itself would spur you on a possible pilgrimage to this natural paradise.

Cayo Coco is defined as a tourist enclave in full expansion. The majority of “locals” you  encounter here are employees of hotels and restaurants. So if you live in a resort “all inclusive” of Cayo Coco, we would suggest you make at least one trip to Moron to know the “real” Cuba.

Before the development of tourism in the early 1990s, Cayo Coco was  an island  deserted, though legend has it that pirates frequented the area. Tourism development of late, however, worries environmentalists. The construction of many resorts are feared to have an impact on this place’s almost virgin fragile ecological balance. It would of course need propriety from the part of decision makers . Let’s hope the beautiful beaches and emerald waters of moorland will stay as they are now so as to make your vacation heavenly.

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