Caring for Your Dog’s Fur

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Keeping a dog is a great responsibility. Caring for its needs, keeping up with its health, playing with it daily, and developing a strong bond with your pet is extremely necessary. However, there is one thing more that you should consider if you have a dog with fluffy fur.
Though they look cute and plump, but dog furs are not easy to handle.
Try the following given tips that would help keep your dog’s coat look clean and even, so that you do not end up seeing a bushy dog daily.

The changing texture or color:

One important thing that you must keep in mind is that any change in your dog’s fur or coat could indicate some problem with its nutrition. Hence, do check for it first.

The routine checking:

After you come home with your pet, having an enjoyable play time, do check its fur for any kind of dust, or parasite such as flea or tick.
Your routine checking must also comprise of the dandruff check. Dandruff in dog’s fur can be caused due to any skin issue, and you must consult a vet for that.

Brushing dog’s hair:

Your dog needs to get rid of shredded dead hair daily, so as to prevent the formation of mats. Brushing the fur is also healthy for your dog as it cleans the coat thoroughly.

Getting rid of sticky gums:

Your dog’s fur can be an attractant and storage for all the items you do not even want in your house, such as tiny twigs, leaves, and chewing gum.
Pulling out sticky gums from its coat can be done with the help of ice cubes. Just apply some ice on the gum, and once frozen, pull it off gently.

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