Cairo: Old World Charm at its Best

Fascinating is the word that would best describe Cairo. This beautiful Egyptian city has a rich history that blends with that of its approximately 17.5 million people (up to 25 million, according to some sources.) Its territory is bisected by the majestic Nile, extending on either side of the bordering neighborhoods that weave an urban fabric marked by both Islamic architecture and modernity. The center of Cairo, is inspired more by the contemporary, and contains a  majority of tourist facilities.

Among them, the Corniche el-Nil is a very pleasant promenade, popular with Cairenes, along the Nile. The Coptic quarter, also known as Old Cairo, houses temples, and the beautiful Hanging Church. Islamic Cairo, in fact, fascinates visitors with abundant mosques,  Khan el-Khalili, its minarets and enchanting souk. The city offers treasures that seem to emanate from an Arabian Nights tale. There are also caravanserais, a citadel and a museum, which are among the most impressive in the world.

Cairo also offers felucca rides on the Nile, incomparable historical tours, exploration of the bazaars that sport intoxicating scents, and  coffee shops overlooking the sublime chaos of everyday life. Heading there?

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