Business travel to Brazil


As the economy of the South American continent is getting stronger and stronger, there are more and more business travelers that are on a visit in one of the countries, and most of the visits are in one of the largest by population countries in the world, Brazil. Brazil is now becoming one of the largest economies in the world and it is a market that should be seriously be considered as one of the most important in the world, and this is the main reason why many business travelers are visiting the country.

When a business traveler arrives in Brazil his mission is either a visit on the trade shows and fairs, which are very common to cities like Sao Paolo, but also a visit in the Brazilian companies, where foreign businessmen are appreciated and well received. If you plan a business trip to Brazil you should only care not to visit during the big holidays, such as the Carnaval. Beside the above mentioned Sao Paolo, another famous but also good business destination is Rio de Janeiro, there are 2 airports in each of the cities so flying to these cities will not be a problem.

The biggest and most important business center in Brazil is Sao Paolo; it is where most of the business travelers head to. Business meetings in Brazil are not much different from most of the modern countries, such as USA, business attire is suit and it is becoming even more informal, expect the meeting to be over lunch or dinner. If you go in the medium or the smaller cities expect to be invited for lunch or dinner in the host’s homes and with their families, this is where the real bonds are made.

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