Business Travel in New Youk

Most of the people the travel in New York for business, don’t really know where to go, stay and most important they don’t know how to enjoy their business trip. That is why we give you few suggestions how can you enjoy your business trip in New York. If you ever go to New York you will realize that this is a place where you can do many thing and visit thousands of amazing places, so we cannot describe you everything here, but we will show you the place for people who come here for business.


The Fitzpatrick Grand Central Hotel is a very beautiful place, a hotel for business travelers; it is located on a quiet street right against the Grand Central Station. This hotel makes you feel like you are in Ireland and it is with very pleasant and friendly crew and very neat and clean rooms. The best thing here in this hotel is the small opened inside yard with heaters; you can stay outside even in the middle of the winter and have few drinks.

The Affinia Shelburne Hotel in New York is very suitable for business travelers which want to stay in Marry Hill. This hotel offers personalized services, room service and it is located near the Grand Central and the Penn Station.

The Carlton Hotel is located on the 88 Madison avenue in New York. This hotel is for people who seek big rooms in the middle of New York City. The interior is very classy with amazing old furniture’s and have the best services. The restaurant of the hotel is placed in the lobby and has very high rates from people who have been here. It is very comfortable and nice.

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