Best Packing Tips for Backpacking


Backpackers tend to bring everything and there is nothing wrong with this. Actually, everything does not really mean ‘everything’. There should be some lists of the most important stuff to bring like their essentials or foods to accompany them in anywhere. First aid kits are vital and they are unavoidable. This is because backpackers always go to destinations where there are rare people and public places around. The next thing to bring is adventure tools like pocket knife and flashlights with adequate supplies of batteries.

Another important thing to bring is proper food. Backpackers should be in perfect health condition before starting their journeys and they should only bring foods which can maintain their bodies in prime condition. Surely, they do not have to buy foods on grocery stores like what their mothers need to cook. But at least, there are some vital intakes that they should pay attention seriously.

Common foods that backpackers bring are canned foods. However, backpackers should choose the ones with good brands as they can deliver good quality. Beware of some canned foods from eastern countries where they are merely full of preservatives and chemical color substances. Everyone can notice that foods from eastern countries are much cheaper though they can be very risky to human’s health. It is better to buy more expensive foods from reputable brands because they are already certified.

Other recommended foods are those with high calories. They are satisfying and they can keep backpackers in good condition during longer trips. Among those high calories food include nuts, bread, or fruits like avocados or bananas. Milk or yoghurt is also recommended because backpackers still need fats to keep them warm. Instant coffee is also other thing to bring as it can satisfy their crave in drinking tasty beverages.

Definitely, mineral water or other energy drink in good quality is compulsory because backpackers should be dehydrated all the time.

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