Backpacking – tips for the new


Backpacking is one of the newest forms of tourism, it has its roots in the Hippie era, but its expansion was in the beginning of the 21th century. It is low cost form of tourism, including a backpack and use of cheap lodging and public transport. It is also energy demanding, due to the constant walking around with the heavy backpack on. You can get some blisters and end up in the rain and cold, but you can see the world for small amount of money. So what should a novice in backpacking do:

–          Before going on the first trip one should buy a backpack, choosing the right one is essential, because you will have it on your back most of the time and if it gives you discomfort, you will greatly regret your poor choice. Buy backpack that will be a little bigger than all you need to carry, it does not have to be the biggest you will see. Be aware that you will use public transport, so the backpack will have to fit somewhere eventually. It is good option to go for a known and reliable product, rather than the cheapest.

–          When packing clothes take everything necessary but do not forget that you will carry this all the time, what sort of clothes you will take depends on the region and the climate you plan on visiting. Do not forget to take some medications, such as anti – diarrhea pills, an antacid and maybe antibiotics.

–          With the information on the internet and the possibility to book hostels, you can plan your trip before it has started; this is a good idea because you will have an idea of what the place where you will stay looks like.

–          When arrived at the destination, start exploring and making friends, enjoy other cultures and have a good trip.

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