Backpacking the Grand Canyon

OTHTOUS00200Grand Canyon

To fully experience the magnificence of the Grand Canyon one must step on his foot firmly and start exploring the vast space of this peaceful and mesmerizing place.  Far away from civilization and in the heart of geological heaven you will travel million of years back in time and feel the primitive beauty. The Grand Canyon is protected by as a world heritage site by the UNESCO; this massive rocky formations are also declared as national park. There are two main areas in the Grand Canyon national park: The North Rim and the South Rim, the second of which is far more visited. The park’s fauna is mostly known by its birds, most famous is the California condor, but it is also very rare. You can often spot a coyote while the other predators are more cautious and can rarely be seen.


The Grand Canyon is a land of extremes; there it can get very cold in no time. Therefore in order to backpack in the Grand Canyon you need to be well equipped, backpacks for such venture are quite heavy and the terrain offers no relief, you will walk over rocky ground with constant ups and downs. Proper hiking boots are the difference between success and failure here, so checking if your boots are in good shape before you go backpacking is a must. Going hiking and backpacking in the Grand Canyon is not recommended if you have no previous experience, it imposes risks even to your life. When going on a hike here you must also have hiking gear,  a group should have: tents, cooking gear, first aid and water filter this is for a group use; as for individual use, besides from already mentioned backpack and boots, you should carry many things: clothing, but not too much, bottles of water, headlamp, sunglasses, rain jacket, different foods and the list is quite long and it depends on your needs.

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