Backpacking South America


The South American countries are among the cheapest countries in the world, almost all of the countries offer great diversity of flora and fauna, spectacular natural sights and one of the greatest natural systems – the Amazonian rainforest, South American and Latin people are especially friendly and kind hearted, this and many more are the reasons why you should grab your backpack and visit the South American continent.

Backpacking in the South America can be very cheap; the only places where you should be more cautious about prices are the popular tourist countries, such as Brazil and Chile, while in countries like Bolivia and Columbia you can expect low costs. When you are visiting foreign country you should always check the currency and the exchange rate, because in countries like those in Latin America you can easily be tricked.  Good information to be noted is the weather condition in the locations you are planning to visit, especially because they can vary a lot.


South America offers spectacular sight whether you go hiking in the greatest range of mountains in the America , the Andes, or you go hiking and exploring in the Amazon rainforests there is much to be seen, so be sure to take a camera with you, there will be many and beautiful photography and with them memories. But when it comes to wearing a camera in most of the poorer parts of the continent be sure to hide it well, do the same with all your valuable accessories and documents and cash, be sure to have them at a secure place.

When you explore the continent be sure to try the local delicacies, tropical fruits, seafood, Argentina’s steaks etc. Also be sure to visit the many local bars where you can try great variety of cocktails for cheap prices.

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