Backpacking Scandinavia


One of the most beautiful and wealthiest regions of Europe is the Scandinavian Peninsula, where the kingdom of Sweden, Norway and Denmark and the Republic of Finland are located. It is a region where nature has not spend any resources, on the Scandinavian Peninsula you can see the fjords and glaciers of Norway, there are thermal springs and geysers on the north side of the peninsula, there are many mountains Norway, the ground of the peninsula is carved and filled with many lakes, there are rivers flowing everywhere. On the North side of Norway are the snowy islands of Svalbard, homage of the polar bear; in Finland’s north is the home of Santa, Santa’s village.


You can skiing and hiking in Norway, go for a ride with a bike in Finland or visit the Danish beaches; you can go fishing in the lakes and rivers, and in the sea. Visiting the capital cities is a wonderful experience; you will see the authentic wooden architecture in Norway and Oslo, there are many Viking museums, whole Viking ships included in some, such museums are all around the peninsula. Beside the capital city of Stockholm, which is one of the most beautiful European cities, one should also visit Gothenburg in Sweden. Copenhagen, the capitol of Denmark, and Helsinki, the capital of Finland should not be missed. All of the mentioned cities offer vibrant night life, various night clubs and many life concerts to attend.Scandinavian Peninsula has one of the most evolved rock scenes in the world.

Despite the cold weather, people of Scandinavia will greet you warmly, this are peaceful countries and are very safe for a backpacker. When it comes to Scandinavia everything beside from the prices is good. You should consider having more costs when visiting the north, alcohol and cigarettes are really expensive.


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