Backpacking Macedonia


The Republic of Macedonia occupies the center part of the Balkan Peninsula, many cultures and roads has passed through Macedonia and left their marks. The capital city is Skopje, it is the biggest city in the country and it offers fast life and diverse culture, there are many construction sites now in the city and many new monuments are been build. Transportation here is not expensive as the whole Europe, so you can move from one place to another cheaply. You can also go hitchhiking cause people here are quite friendly. Next destination you can visit is Ohrid.

Besides the lake Ohrid, with many beaches and clean water, there are plenty historic places to visit, here is the Samoil’s Fortress, the ancient theater, and many churches, so many actually that you can’t visit them all even if you stay for few months. Local bars and restaurants offer local delicacies such as Ohrid lake trout, which is protected by the law and endemic specie. In the restaurants of Ohrid and all around the country you should try some of the Macedonian wines, many years of tradition and quality made Macedonian wines famous in Europe.


Near the city of Ohrid, not more than 1 hour ride with car is the city of Bitola. It has been host city to the Turkish officer and revolutionary statesman Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, and it was important centre of the Turkish empire. Bitola is abundant with remains and structure of ancient, Roman and Byzantine time. The marks of the Ottoman occupation are most evident. In Bitola you can visit the ancient city of Heraclea Lyncestis or go hiking in the mountain of Baba and conquer the peak Pelister, where you can see the glacier like. This city is especially vibrant at night and a visit on the main street is a must for every tourist.

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