Backpacking Albania

If you go for backpacking and traveling on a lower budget, one of the best destinations to head is the Balkan Peninsula, and more precisely the Republic of Albania. Albania is located at the western part of the peninsula, on the shore of the Adriatic Sea. It is one of the countries where tourism is now on the rise, prices are quite low, but quality is not less than any commercial tourist sites.


The Albanian Adriatic coast especially in the southern parts of the country has many beautiful beaches and the blue clear waters. It is no wonder that in recent years there is increased number of backpackers visiting the country and its coast. Down southern near the border with Greece are the most beautiful places, at the region of Ksamil, you can go exploring the many islands near the shores, go swimming around and visit the local establishments, bars and restaurants where fresh seafood is served, cocktails with fresh ingredients, and all this is very affordable.

Albania, as a country but also in its most popular tourist spots, offers accommodation both for those that go on a high budget, but it is especially popular for those that go on a low budget. There are hostels were renting a room will cost less around 15 dollars, and there are locals also that rent rooms for even lower prices than that. Food is also very cheap in Albanian cities and on the coast. There are also many attractive activities, such as water sports on some of the resorts on the Albanian Riviera and they all come in fair prices. Public transportation is also cheap, so you can move from city to city and from a tourist resort to another with low expenses, thus make your stay here very diverse.

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