Backpackers in New Zealand


New Zealand is one of the most famous countries for filming locations, and on the islands of New Zealand several blockbusters were filmed including the three parts of The Lord of the Rings, the Star Wars series, and the Hobbit who was entirely filmed on the island, the North and the South islands. In these movies you can see the majestic scenery of the country, great mountains with snowy peaks and beautiful green hills, and beneath them plains of green and the sight of the sea.

If these were enough reasons to visit New Zealand, grab you backpack and start to explore the islands, you will experience beautiful nature untouched by human hand, hiking and tracking on the numerous trails and tracks in the mountains, there are also tours that offer visits to the filming locations of the lord of the rings. While you are in the mountains and in nature you can see the abundant and unique flora and fauna of these most remote regions of the world. If you are more into walking and sightseeing head to the capital city of Wellington which quite cheap, yet beautiful, there are several museums that deserve to be seen in the city.


Although New Zealand’s tourism is on the rise, prices are not that expensive and this is especially good for backpackers and those travelling on a low budget.  There are many bus lines on the islands that are cheap and perfect for backpackers, trains are also good option for moving around the island. When it comes to accommodation, hostels are the first choice of backpackers, it is cheap and it is a great way to make new friends from all around the world, and hostels in New Zealand offer many extras. There are many possibilities and things to be done in New Zealand for everyone.

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