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Tips on How to Avoid Compassion Fatigue



Most people are patient, compassionate, and ready to help our fellow human beings. Those are wonderful qualities, and yet they can cause problems for some. This is due to the common issue of compassion fatigue. Even the kindest and most giving among us can only extend such generosity for so long before it takes a toll.

If you are a family caregiver, or work in a role where you deal with people who are under considerable physical or mental strain, consider the following suggestions, which can help you avoid compassion fatigue.


Caregivers give so much of themselves, they often cross the line and end up paying the price. It is imperative to find time in your schedule, no matter the responsibilities, where you can just relax, forget your problems, and do something that you find interesting and fulfilling. This will allow you to maintain the physical and mental stability needed to continue providing quality care.

Maintain Boundaries

If you are a compassionate person, it can become easy to get caught up in other people’s problems. There needs to be a clear line in place dividing a desire to help from getting too emotionally involved. As with self-care, such boundaries are necessary to maintain your own well-being.

Have Coping Strategies in Place

Have you ever felt particularly down and desperate? If so, what did you do? It is important to know where you can turn if you ever reach such a dark emotional place. Know which friends and family members are eager to lend you emotional support when needed. Which community agencies can you contact, if need be? Keep their phone numbers handy.

Take these positive, proactive steps instead of relying on short term, feel good fixes like drugs or alcohol. Relying on crutches like these is the equivalent of putting a band aid on a major wound.

Maintain Your Interests

As mentioned above in the self-care section, it is important to maintain as much of your “normal” life as possible. Stay in regular touch with friends, maintain gym and club memberships, get together with others who have similar hobbies, etc. There is a world going on outside of your caregiving duties; make sure to stay a part of it.

Physical Media is Dead. Well, Actually, No… (Part 3)

In the last installment, I mentioned how the market for physical media was shrinking in the face of downloads and streaming options. This is certainly true for the general consumer, but not necessarily with movie buffs.

Independent labels like Shout! Factory and Kino Lorber have recognized the small, but enthusiastic market of collectors and target most of their new releases to them. As the major studios are no longer seeing much value in their back catalogues, they are willing and eager to license titles out. The movies made be 10+ years old, but these indie companies are more than happy to pick them up. To further up the ante, they also license the special features originally created by the parent company as well as sometimes making new ones.

Shout! commissions new cover artwork for many of their titles. To keep purists happy, they tend to make the covers double sided so that the original poster is also on hand. The collector market for DVDs has bottomed out, so these new special editions are almost always either exclusively on Blu-ray or in Blu-ray/DVD combo packs.

As these companies work on small budgets, they generally make use of existing digital masters. However, if a title seems to have a lot of potential, Shout! will sometimes foot the bill for a new, up-to-date transfer. All of these added features make these special editions tough to resist, even if you already own the film.

Another indie label well worth mentioning is Vinegar Syndrome, which also does special editions, but is notable primarily for its film restoration efforts. The company specializes in adult movies shot on film from the 1960s through the 1980s, but also releases other genres, such as horror, action, and exploitation.

Discs may be harder to find in stores, but there is still a thriving collector’s market out there that should keep physical media vibrant for a few more years at least.

Physical Media is Dead. Well, Actually, No… (Part 2)

In the first part of this, I discussed VHS and briefly touched upon DVD. The latter has been with us for 20 years and proved to be a financial blockbuster for movie studios looking to capitalize on their back catalogues.

However, sales have dropped and it is interesting to think about why. Young people are not interested in owning physical copies of movies and music, preferring to lead lives less centered around possessions. The advantages to this are obvious, but not if you like to collect films or your favourite tunes.

Buried in the user agreements issued by companies like iTunes is the caveat that you do not actually own files that you buy; they can be taken back from you either after a certain period or with no warning at all. So that copy of STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS you run for your kids every few months might just be gone when you need it. Not the case with physical media (unless the disc is not manufactured correctly; I have had some dual-layer DVDs and DVD-Rs fail on me after a decade or so).

If you are not the type of person who likes to re-watch things or prefers the sort of rotating variety in your music you can get with a service like Spotify, then physical media will seem like an expensive and space consuming inconvenience. However, one of the wonderful things about DVD (and its successor, Blu-ray) is its ability to hold so much content: multiple versions of a movie, deleted scenes, audio commentaries, making of featurettes, etc. If you truly love a film, then a fully loaded special edition disc can really off an all-encompassing experience. This suggests that discs may last a few years longer, thanks to such cinefiles as myself. However, they will likely become increasingly expensive and more difficult to acquire.

Miles and miles o’movies!

Physical Media is Dead. Well, Actually, No… (Part 1)

You may missed the announcement a few months back that the last company still manufacturing VHS machines was closing up shop? They still made VHS?! Yes, they did, even though DVD had effectively wiped out the VHS market by 2005. A few diehards held out and stayed with the 40-year-old analog format and some folks are even collecting VHS and Beta pre-recorded movies. Yes, tapes that were considered garbage just a few years back are now going for ridiculous sums.

This is a particularly odd development. We can understand the resurgence of vinyl as it offers a somewhat richer sound than digitally compressed files, VHS really offers no advantage at all over digital formats like DVD, Blu-ray, and Ultra HD Blu-ray. However, nostalgia will always be a strong pull for some people and who are we to judge, right?

In addition to VHS, however, there have been numerous articles of late that all forms of physical media are heading for an early grave. 2017 marks the 20th anniversary of DVD and while still preferable to VHS, DVDs don’t look so hot on modern HD televisions. Blu-ray and Ultra HD Blu-ray look terrific, however, and offer consistently better picture quality than the compressed streams you get from sources like Netflix or YouTube.

However, as far as the general public is concerned, convenience is paramount. Remember how quickly your neighborhood video stores went out of business? Who saw that coming? As soon as people discovered that VOD offered a reliable and reasonably priced way to view movies at home, they abandoned Blockbuster Video and the like in droves. DVD sales have plummeted in recent years as people seem to be happy with simply viewing or owning a digital file, instead of an actual copy of a movie. Blu-ray has also not turned out to be the saviour that studios were hoping, though its sales have been slowly climbing as DVD declines.

Is it time to write the epitaph for the digital disc? Not quite yet. Stay tuned…

VHS Tape

Machine Lathe Clarified

Whilst these mini lathes aren’t at all suited for professional lathe projects, those who wish to make a slower transition to bigger lathe machines do have options to upgrade their mini lathe machines. These upgrades add functionalities like variable speeds, arms etc. This also makes sense for the people who want more out of their machine without spending a great deal of money for a new and bigger machine. precision machine tool.

However, there is a limitation on how much a basic lathe machine can be upgraded, so it is desirable for professionals who’ve discovered the strength of a lathe machine upgrade to as big a lathe as they possibly can. This is meant for those craftsmen who can see a long future of them using the lathe machine. There are mid segment lathe machines that normally have a size between 12×34 and 16×36, for those who’re unsure of how long they’ll use one or those who’re on a tight budget. They cost in between $400-600 and offer enough features and sturdiness for the professional craftsman without burning a hole through his pocket.

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There are some things to consider before jumping in and buying the cheapest or the biggest machine out there for your budget. You need consider the spindle you’re getting. The spindle is the core to the operations of lathe machines and they come in standard and non-standard sizes. The is usually a very good idea to go for standard sizes like the 1’x8tpi spindles. The bed capacity is likewise important, as this will identify the size of material with which you can work. Variable speed is another aspect because most professionals prefer to work at different speeds while doing different things to the material. You might want a medium to low speed based on the detail you ‘d like to work in, like for sanding you would prefer a higher speed but for carving.

Be careful of cheap lathe machines because their parts are often non-standard and are hence very easy to replace. Buying from a reputed company is always advisable, as with other power tools and hardware. If you’re buying used machines, don’t purchase without getting to check it out first. For used lathe machines, try to purchase locally from a shop you know. If you’re buying over the Internet even, try to buy from somewhere nearby and pick it up yourself after checking it out properly. Again, keep in mind the object of your machine while making a purchase.

News: Internet Marketing

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Before you start making money online, you’ll need to locate a product and a internet marketing program to join.

optimize your website (

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Riverfront Home – Our Outline

As exciting and romantic as it can be to live in a riverfront property, there are important precautions to bear in mind to make sure you and your home are safe at all times. If you make sure you and your family follow these words of advice, you can still enjoy the peace of mind that is included with a day or an evening spent lounging by the riverside.

Protecting your home and family is significant and we understand that completely. Officials believed that a casino docked on the city’s bleak, undeveloped riverfront was its only hope for salvation. We also provide storm recovery, reinstallation, and restoration on any scale, no matter which industry your business may be in. Hardieplank siding will give your home additional protection from the weather as well as insect damage, and several other potential risks. Steve, then 45, was a refinery worker.

Rivers are supposed to be prone to flooding whenever there are periods of extensive rainfall and storms. For people who dwell by the riverside, having their riverfront homes flooded is merely a reality of life. You’ll probably want to buy a water pump that could come in handy. Keep most of your valuable stuff upstairs, so you do not have to move them every time there’s a bad storm approaching. Having some plastic covers for your downstair furnitures is a great way to protect them. And you might want to purchase riverfront real estate that has been constructed on risers so it has an advantage over rising floodwaters.

Floods are not the only risk that storms present. Strong gusts of winds can damage your river front home, especially the shutters and doors, so make sure you bought the strongest doors and shutters in store. If your house was not meant to be storm-resistant, think about renovating it and include some storm-resistant materials.

Rivers, of course, present many opportunities for fun and recreation. However, such activities need to be made with precautions, for there are a number of dangers out there lurking. You’ll want to make sure your children know that they shouldn’t at all go out swimming alone. You will want to make sure you come after this advice yourself. Sudden rushes in current can easily sweep someone away, or violently hit them with water, presenting very grievous situations. It is best to have someone on the bank that keeps an eye on the population of the water– it maybe someone who’s got a phone, or with first aid and lifeguard training. Before heading for an afternoon swim do not forget to apply sunscreen and insect repellant– you never know what sort of insects are out there and the way they can harm your skin.

Having all these ideas in mind, you can guarantee that you and your family will be safe and protected in your new riverfront house. – eco home designs

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Abc’s Of Moving South

Every year millions of Americans move from one portion of their city to another or maybe to another state. Increasing immigration to the US from China, India, Canada, and Europe means millions more are coming here from other countries. A smaller number emigrate to other countries. You may not see it everyday. However, there is a bunch of moving going on today. prefab small homes

Where are people moving to within the US? People are moving back into the cities according to a CNNmoney report. Many major cities have begun redevelopment projects to modernize neighborhoods that have been neglected and sunk into a state of unease. South Boston MA and Philadelphia PA are two urban areas that are enjoying rehabilitation. The move back to the cities and redeveloped older neighborhoods will only increase, as Americans age. Young professionals too enjoy the air and culture of the great city and being close to the root of business in those cities. However, more than just moves to urban areas is happening. There has been a strong migration to the US south and West which has created a huge demand for moving companies.


The US Department of Commerce produced an interesting report called the Domestic Net Migration in the United States: 2000 to 2004, released in April of 2006 ( .pdf). It revealed migration patterns in the US but didn’t suggest reasons why the population movement. Most interesting were the numbers of people moving to the Atlantic southeast. From the period 2000 to 2004, this region gained 1.2 million people. In contrast, the New England area lost over 100, 000 people. The mountain areas of the west grew by about 2 million during that period. So, these stats show what isn’t apparent to us, that our population has been changing addresses. Typically, they are moving from Boston and New York to Charlotte, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, and the Tampa area. Florida grew by 200, 000 during the 2000 to 2004 period.

Many Americans are moving from large metropolitan areas to bordering counties for cheaper homes and more space. Among the 25 largest metropolitan areas, 18 had more people move out than move in from 2000 to 2004. Domestic moves have a significant impact on the biggest metropolitan areas-New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. The New York area alone had a loss of 211, 000 residents during the 4 year interval.

Some cities however, such as New York have seen a net migration. The price of housing in NYC is behind this development and many cities enjoying urban revival will undoubtedly see displaced residents fleeing the high costs in New England to move to cheaper digs in the south. As economic and business trends occur, people will move to adjust to their changing business and residential circumstances. Change then, drives the necessity for moving companies and moving services.

Every year, billions of dollars are spent in moving expenses including moving van rental, packing, moving company hires, and the obligatory changing of phone and cable services, addresses, drivers licenses, utilities services, disposing of personal belongings, and the acquisition of items for living in the new location. Home rentals and purchases are no small financial matter as well. Mortgages are a major concern of many families moving.

Many of these people require services from packaging and storage to container shipping to personal services as they prepare to relocate to a new city or state. Few people move their own belongings today. They almost always hire a moving company, owing to the fact that friends and family may be aging or cannot get the time to aid in the move.

At one time, moving companies simply provided packing and transportation of household belongings. In days past, a moving company’s task was simple. People tended not to move very long way from their current residence. Today, people are extremely mobile and with that mobility, comes issues that could be greater than the movement of home furniture. A few moving firms have progressed to offer complementary services that assist the relocating individual or family more successfully.

Many moves or relocations are made necessary when an individual accepts a new employment position in another city or state. The individual, their partner and family are uprooted to capitalize on the new job and its opportunities. When this happens, they’ll be seeking a competent moving company with a wide range of relocation services.

There are certain brand names in the moving industry that people recognize such as United Van Lines, Allied Van Lines, Atlas Van Lines, Global Van Lines, Bekins, Sterling Van Lines, and National Van Lines, just to name few. From there, the van lines recommend their local affiliate. For some that might work, however many moves require special attention and services. If you are relocating from Boston to Houston, you will want to be sure the moving company the Van Lines company assigns to your move, will provide the kind of attention and attention you need. Some of the bigger local moving companies have relocation services and can help professionally with all the paperwork you may need for International moves.

An international move is not something you would entrust to a small local moving company. The logistics and customs documentation need to be performed by someone experienced in International shipping.

The personal side of moving is no small matter. It is one of the main reasons why people do not move and live in one place most of their lives. The anxiety and stress of moving across country can sometimes lead to health problems, job loss, depression, and fiscal crises. Good moving companies will have personal relocation services to assist you deal with all you will confront when you move. From real estate and mortgages to school registration to local utility service installations, they have contacts that make your transition to your new home city and state a little less stressful.

Look for a moving company with these credentials and services and you will be glad you made this effort. People using professional moving services will enjoy their move across town in Boston and New York or in other US locations with moving a lot easier for everyone. When it comes to moving companies, ask questions and takes names.

House Renovation Contractor?

Every homeowner knows that house renovations and remodeling involve a great deal of stress sometimes because there’s so many things to give attention to. This event happens once in a number of years and it’s a good idea to allot a great deal of time, with a view to make some fine decisions and improve the house to a satisfying level. This article tries to give you some tips that can be a good thing if you’re planning to renovate your house. click to find out the Royal Homes advantage.

Set your budget. Whether is a very generous one or a smaller one, to bear in mind that it is important to find out how much money you’re able to pay for the whole house renovation. Make sure that you also include unpredictable expenses and you regularly keep an eye on your budget during the remodeling process. You are ensuring that you’re not left with the house half-remodeled because of insufficient funds by doing so.

And, of course, we must also consider….

The complexity of the project. It is important to know from the start which rooms should you renovate or if you wish to add an entire new floor to your house. For smaller projects, like the remodeling project of your kitchen only, you don’t need to spend too much time and money in comparison with constructing a big patio near your house. You will focus your efforts better and obtain great results by knowing this.

Home Improvement helps in: Beautification and added features Maintenance and repair Additional space Saving energy Safety and preparedness Home improvement includes rebuilding your attic, basement, decks, patios, doors, drywall, kitchen and roofing, and bathroom. It is a total makeover for your home. Remolding kitchen is an important part of house renovation.Kitchen is the centerpiece of the home. Remodeling a kitchen can be great fun. It offers the opportunity to establish a more energy-efficient kitchen and to create a place where the family can relax. Kitchen is a room where we cook, serve and eat.

So before renovation some of the important factors should be taken into account like: storage, food preparation, and clean-up. Whether your kitchen is placed into the living room or stands alone, items such as flat screen televisions, more, and computers are great accessories in kitchens. Kitchen renovation instantly raises the utility of your home. The bathroom is the second most important component of our house for renovations besides the kitchen. You can also do the renovation by yourself and can save the money or can hire a contractor to perform the renovation. You can do the work by yourself if you don’t need to relocate the plumbing pipes and ventilation air ducts. A professional plumber is required if the majority of the work involves plumbing. A home improvement has many benefits. Renovations not only make your home more clean and comfortable but also can increase value of your home.

How Can This Be?

Contractor hired. This aspect is very important as well. The success of your remodeling project depends considerably on the professionalism and jurisdiction of companies you’re working with. Make sure that you thoroughly interview a bunch of contractors and ask for estimates from at least three companies. You are getting the main idea and the total price for your project by doing so. Additionally, you’ll learn how to assess the services of various contractors and select only the quality ones.

Regarding the estimates, you might want to know that it’s a great thing if you encounter a contractor that promises to provide you quality services for a reduced price, but are you really sure that the company is the responsibility of the task? In other words, you should not opt for the cheapest price for a project because you may get poor quality services, although it isn’t always the case. A company that charges a great deal of money does not automatically mean that they provide top-notch services, on the same fashion.

That is reason, it is great if you pay a great deal of attention when you’re hiring remodeling contractors. If you undertake extensive researches, you may find a company that provides great services and they don’t ask a fortune for this. Make sure that you always go for experience and reputation because those guarantee professional services. You can also make usage of the internet and read reviews and customers’ opinions that can be useful in this regard. With a little bit of the plan and time spent, you’ll be in a position to make a great decision and hire a professional contractor that calls for the fair prices as well.