At the temple of Asclepius – Epidaurus

Epidaurus is an ancient Greek city located on Peloponnese Island. Today this ancient city is a museum under open sky, well known as Asclepias sanctuary and the ancient amphitheater. Near this antic ruins it is located the municipality of Epidaurus which connects two populated places – Nea Epidavros and Palaia Epidavros.

The ancient city was known as an independent city and was situated in a place called Epidauria. The old city was declared as the city where the god of medicine (Asclepius) was born, son of god Apollo.


In the 6 century B.C. ill people were supposed to go there in the sanctuary and sleep there one night, in their dreams their god will appear the tell them, what is the cure for their sickness, Asclepius had the power to cure all kind of diseases. The sanctuary was composed of more than 150 rooms all built for the sick people.

According to many believes the streams that flow in the ancient city can cure all kind of diseases. Not long before the new age arrived the sanctuary was occupied by pirates.

Today tourists can see the ruins of the Asclepius’s temple, the swimming pools with hot water etc. Beside the Asclepius sanctuary an enormous amphitheater was built, this theater is still working and can gather more than 15000 people. It was built in the 4 century A.C. According to ancient Greeks, theatrical plays were able to heal people. The theater is constructed very professionally and with great architectural plan, so only a whisper can be heard on the highest seats.

After the world war two the theater was restored so it can gather more visitors. Next to the theater there is an archeological museum and in this museum many different ancient surgery tools and instruments that were found in the Asclepius sanctuary.


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