Asking for a Raise


When you do well at a job, it is customary to get a raise. However, this is not always automatic: sometimes the employee must be proactive and ask for one. Depending on your personality, this can be a difficult proposition. Some people worry about being turned down, while others fret that it might cause the company to think that it is time to cut a potentially expensive employee loose.

There is a right way and a wrong way for everything; here is the right way to ask for a raise:

Do Your Research

How much does someone with your accomplishments make at a company of similar size? Know the numbers going in because this will influence the amount that you should realistically ask for. Conversely, the numbers might indicate that you are making more than the average person already and this may not be the time to request more money.

Think About Questions

Your supervisor might have some questions for you after you have made the pitch. Try to anticipate what they might be so that you will have an appropriate answer.

Demonstrate Your Value to the Company

Just showing up on time everyday is not enough; you have to show your supervisor that your presence is making a positive difference to the company’s bottom line. When speaking with them, discuss examples of how you helped to make/save money, how your ideas led to new approaches that were adopted, etc. Make it clear that they would be foolish to not grant a raise to someone so valuable.

Accept That the Answer Might Be “No”

Even if you have done all of the research and laid out all of the facts in a professional manner, your request might still be denied. Accept this going in and do not express any inappropriate emotions. There is always a next time — or another job.

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