Arches National Park


If you are an outdoor person and are looking for an outdoor adventure then Arches National Park is a great place to visit. Situated in Utah, United States, it is one of the world greatest collection of geological structures.

It is famous for its arches and has more than two thousand of these geological wonders. Most famous of which is the Delicate arch.

These arches are made up of sandstone and have bearded thousands of years of climate change. Apart from its famous arches, the National Park also contains balanced rocks and pinnacles. All of these with amazingly diverse texture and colors.

The Arches National Park is home to many animals and birds. Desert bighorn sheep, Cottontail rabbit and Kangaroo rat are among the animals found. Rattle snakes are also found in the park, so use caution.

If you plan to visit Arches National Park, be sure to equip yourself well for the journey. Keep plenty of water as it gets very hot in the summers. Staying on the hiking trail is a good idea, as it will not only help preserve the cryptobiological soil and will keep you safe from dangerous animals.

Make sure you see the Delicate Arch, Wolfe Ranch, Petrified Dunes, and the double arch while you visit.

Rock Climbing, Hiking and photography are some of the things you can do in Arches National Park. There is only one designated campground in the park namely Devil’s Garden Campground and you should make a reservation before arriving.

Arches National Park is a destination you should opt for if you are into geology and rock formations!

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