Air travel to Stockholm


    One of the most popular cities in Europe, an important historical and cultural center of the northern Europe and probably on the Scandinavian Peninsula is the capital city of the Kingdom of Sweden. If you have decided to visit Stockholm, and there are many reasons to do it, you should know that prices in the city are above the average priced of Europe, but when it comes to air travel, competition has made air travel prices quite cheap, so visiting Stockholm by plane may be the cheapest, fastest and safest way.

Around forty kilometers north of the city of Stockholm is the ARN, the Stockholm – Arlanda International Airport, where your demand is served by more than sixty major airlines, such as KLM, British Airlines etc. SAS, or the Scandinavian Airlines are the domestic carrier of Sweden and Scandinavia, and offer many routes on the peninsula and abroad. Another local airline option is the Norwegian Airlines, which is also offering cheap flights to many major European places.    


    Upon arriving at the airport, visitors can rent a car at the car rental companies which are located at the airport, public transport is the other option and it includes taxi, train or bus. There are airport coaches that are arriving and departing regularly, at every 10 – 15 minutes, and are one of the best options for moving around.    

Some of the cheaper flying companies, such as Ryanair and Wizz Air are arriving at the airport of Skavsta, which is more than an hour drive to Stockholm, but this is compensated with the cheaper price of the ticket. Other airports near the city of Stockhold include the Vasteras Airport and the Bromma Airport, Bromma is the most central of all airports, but ii is mainly about internal flights.

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