A Temple Carved into the Mountain in India

In neighborhoods of the city of Ellora in India, there are a number of temples and caves completely carved into the side of a mountain belonging to different periods and religious groups and remain as an impressive example of architecture troglodyte. The most impressive temple is Kailassa, considered the world’s largest sculpture carved from a single stone.

Just to “emerge” Kailassa Temple ( Kailash), some 200,000 tons of stone were removed, carving chisels, which delayed the finish of the work for a century.

The religious complex dedicated to Shiva, a Hindu god, includes a sanctuary with interior rooms also carved into a mountainside, and symbolizing Mount Kailasa, the abode of Lord Shiva in the Himalayas.

The construction techniques are derived from other temples without end in the environment. According to research, the techniques used were terracing blocks from above, while the rocks removed, were probably sold in order to afford the work.

The construction method is very reminiscent of cities like Petra in Jordan, excavated and carved in stone.


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