A Moonwalk in Chile

We move to a depression in the Salt Range in Chile, an area that is located at 2,500 meters, but appeals to be a landscape of another planet, or at least a landscape of the moon.

Thousands of years of erosion in the desert left whimsical formations, but above all, shades, salt formations, and the art of wind and little rain, the region provides postal almost unreal sceneries.

But water is not so much . . .

The little life that can be seen in the place, sometimes they are just tourists, and their shadows:

Amid such strange atmosphere, there are signs that remind us that we are on earth.

The Moon Valley is located in the Antofagasta Region, just 13 kilometers from the small town of San Pedro de Atacama. The area is part of the National Reserve of Flamingos, a desert area that is divided into 7 regions according to their altitude and changes in the ecosystem.

The Moon Valley is one of the most bizarre of the reserves for its atmosphere and appearance, an almost surreal landscape in the middle of nowhere.

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