A Lake Too Perfect in Canada

By looking at some pictures it is possible to doubt the veracity of a landscape so idyllic. Even, one comes to think that even might be a rendering but no farther than the The Peyto Lake, in Canada, claims to be too perfect, a staging magnificence of nature that makes us feel insignificant:

The Peyto Lake is considered one of the most beautiful places in Canada. Located within the Banff National Park in the State of Alberta, the glacial lake is nearly 2,000 meters. It’s almost unbelievable turquoise is the result of water erosion on the rocks, turning the lake particles giving it an almost brilliant hue.

The Peyto Lake, is of course one of the attractions of the park, and a whole postal Canada. Ideal to visit in summer, the lake can be seen from a natural viewpoint on a path for walkers in places authorized for camping.

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