A Journey into the Psychedelic World of Goa, India

It all started in the ’60s, when the hippies first landed in India and reached Goa. They colonized the north coast, Anjuna, Vagator, Chapora and Arambol. From that moment, everything else changed. The natives are accustomed to long hair and girls dance naked on the beach, geting used to the sound of chillum┬ádrums and passed from hand to hand. Over the years, the flower children drop out the drums and started to experiment with new types of music, incorporating the sounds of India with the beginnings of what today is called the Psychedelic Trance Music.

For three months a year, Goa is a heart that beats to the steady rhythm of the music played by the best artists of the genre. The earth pulsates beneath the feet of a thousand young people who abandon themselves to the rhythm and psychedelic drugs. In just a moment, the narrow streets are filled with Royal Enfield bullet and led by disarming beauty girls who wear skimpy clothes and leather. Men on the other hand, seem ready to battle like gladiators or Indian warriors in the middle of a tribal ritual.

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