A Hill with 863 Temples in India

Hill Satrunjaya in Palitana (India) is the most sacred pilgrimage sites of the religion of Jainism , present in India Eastern, Central and South West. Jainism, Palitana is a sacred place where the hill is literally covered with temples in many shapes and sizes:

The Jain religion is the seventh number of the faithful in India , and his teaching promotes among other guidelines that all beings are worthy of respect, therefore the greatest sin is to cause harm to a living being, as well as land or the souls of the water or air.

There are hundreds of temples in Palitana every year visited by millions of tourists, scattered on a hill of 67 meter high average elevation, the sum total amounts to 1,250 temples. The complex concentrates more than 27,000 stone Jain idols and marbles decorating the derasar, or temples of Jainism.

The derasar , are generally of marble, especially the newer ones, the target clear as possible. Derasar temples are characterized by its many marble pillars carved to perfection. As a visitor, the rules of access to derasar are often strict: laundry and almost no use, do not chew, do not have any bleeding wound, among others.

The temples on the hill of Shatrunjaya are carved in marble, and were built by generations of Jains over 900 years. The number of temples is amazing, and being an abode of the gods, no one is allowed to spend a full night in the place.

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