A Giants Causeway

In the northeast coast of Ireland is a landscape that is known as The Giant’s Causeway. This natural scenery consists of 40,000 basalt columns that were formed when lava cooled fast 60 million years ago. This is now a World Heritage Site that was discovered in 1693. Since then, it leaves the visitors stunned.

The place is so great, that it is said to be formed by “supernatural forces”. Legend has it that two giants, one Irish and one Scottish, always at odds, threw stones together without ceasing. This led to the formation of a field of stones on the sea.

One day, the Scottish giant finally decided to cross it to face his opponent. Being very clever, the Irish giant dressed up as a baby. When the Scots saw the child, they concluded that if this was the child’s size then the father should be three times bigger. They then decided to flee, stepping on the rocks with full force, looking to sink it into the sea so that no other giant would come to their land.

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