A Devil’s Bath

Would you go to the spa in a pool called the Devil’s Bath? The name could be a put off, but one look at the picture’s of the pool is nough to change your heart. You’ll see that this small spa created in Parrano does not smell of sulfur and populated by hostile creatures.

The Devil’s bath, is in a small canyon, that was dug by the river. The water ends in a lake of blue water surrounded by high walls and thick vegetation. This is an attractive place on hot summer days, a meeting place for lovers of trekking, climbing and caving. Here, there are also some caves from which have significant archaeological materials from different periods like of the Neolithic period, until the phases of the Bronze Age.

A few years ago, this area had no structures of any kind. There was, however, a small reservoir for the lucky ones who ventured in this place which collected the waters of the river. There was a large lawn with trees.

But as of today, everything has been regulated. As of June 2, 2012, when the climate has stabilized and the heated air, discover the Parrano and take the opportunity to do a Devil’s Bath.






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