Beautiful Rain Forest Reserves of Costa Rica

Costa Rica has numerous examples of cloud forests. They are in fact big subtropical mountains that are covered by fog. Constant humidity is generated by an ecosystem covered with moss and dense vegetation. Located at higher elevations, you can just imagine the kind of view with the scenery. In Costa Rica, there are reserves such as Monteverde and Santa Elena, where you can make your tour easier. You can walk on the green roof over thousands of meters of walkways and suspension bridges.

Thanks to the trade winds in the upper areas, forests are shrouded in swirling mists permanently. Fog partially hides an amazing biological wealth, which includes diverse plants, bamboo forests, swamps and jungle, and ecological zones populated by hundreds of species of mammals, birds and insects. Walking above the forest through the gateways will undoubtedly be a unique experience.

The reserves of Monteverde and Santa Elena attract thousands of visitors from around the world each year.

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