Hong Kong Markets

If you are traveling to Hong Kong , do not miss the incredible markets the region has to offer. A few hours between the lanes that appear among the towering skyscrapers will engulf us in an atmosphere of magic.

We have developed a list of sites not to be missed in our shopping trip to Hong Kong.

Jade Market: In Kowloon, we can find a closed market with tents where they sell one of the country’s specialties: The Jade. It is sold in all kinds of products, such as bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. Of course, be very careful of scams. If you can not differentiate real jade from false ones, better that you refrain from buying in this area.
Hollywood Road and Cat Street: This is located in the western district of Hong Kong. This is ideal for antiques, memories of Mao Tse Tung, Tibetan rugs, porcelain, furniture, and all kinds of memoirs of the classic East brought from every country in Asia.
Yuen Po Street Bird Garden: Located in the Kowloon district (Metro Prince Edward) is a large market where they sell birds and animals. Birds and animals are very important in the ancient culture of China.
The Flower Market: Also located in the district of Kowloon. In the market, you can buy flowers or bouquets that are much cheaper compared to flower shops. This is close to the bird market so you can get off the Prince Edward subway.
Stanley Street: Electronic gadgets at low cost found in the central district.

The Ladies’ Market: On the Mongkok subway, you will find mostly women’s clothing and accessories.

Besides these places, do visit the fruit market in Central District, and the area of ​​electronics that expands more in Stanley Street. Most Japanese products are also sold here.

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