5 Fantastic Clubs in Faro

Faro caters to trendy, hot people who love a good night on the town. Some of the most exciting clubs in the world call Faro home. Around Rua do Prior, the vibes of celebration put everyone in a party mood. Below are the five best places to celebrate. With cheap flights to Faro now is the time to get grooving, see you on the floor.

Upa Upa Café Bar
First on the list is the Upa Upa Café Bar, where tourists and locals prepare for the night over luscious cocktails on the huge patio. Soak up the Mediterranean climate as jazz or world music plays. The spacious bar is a great place to meet a group of friends for laid back preparation.

Conselherio Bar
The Conselheiro Bar is almost always packed full of a mixed crowd. The entrance area bar usually fills up with an older crowd in to enjoy their drinks, but there is another section with a large dance floor that fills up with younger jet setters, plus another bar. The club has two levels with pool tables and video games as well. Every mood is matched in this Faro nightlife staple.


Each summer, the International Motorcycle Rally happens in Faro, so it’s not surprising that hard rock music permeates much of the culture. Eddie’s, a unique Iron Maiden themed bar, draws both bikers and metal heads looking to party with their kind of music. The late manager of the club, Manu da Silva, was great friends with the band and thus, a nightlife legend was made. This club enjoys international fame not only with sub-culture fans, but for people who occasionally enjoy a headbanging walk on the wild side.

Bora Bora
Bora Bora is one of the more popular venues for a young hipsters who love to mingle internationally. The beats spin long and hard. The staff tends to be on the younger side, too, and they keep things very upbeat. Fridays is ladies night, but they offer drink specials for all at other times. Hip-hop, blues, rock, and house is just some of what Bora Bora spins.

CheSsenta Bar has long reigned as a nightlife giant in Faro. They offer cheap mugs of beer and selective music that creates a careful ambiance. This place fills up quickly, with a crowd that ranges from the early twenties to the late thirties. But no matter the age, they are all serious partiers who take advantage of the more than affordable mugs.

As you can see, these places provide more than enough to make the nights vibrate. Most of the clubs open around ten in the evening and play time lasts until dawn, otherwise known as around four in the morning. Faro overflows with adventure for tourists and locals alike, so take advantage of the fun.

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