5 Best Gluten Free Restaurants in London

Most of you may have heard of a gluten-free diet, or have friends and family members who take great care in staying away from gluten. But when it comes to eating out a gluten-free diet some say it’s a bit of a hindrance to find the right place. That thought is now a thing of the past.

glutten free restaurants london

Today we’re going to prove it; we teamed up with our friends from glutenfreeroads and we’re in search of the best best gluten-free restaurants in the UK’s capital – and considering London’s cosmopolitan and international cuisine, the prospects are all the more tantalizing. So here we go:

Leon: the lovely restaurant chain is one of the safest places for a gluten-free treat. Those who have dined here vouch for the delicacies it has to offer and you can grab a quick lunch without actually worrying about the content on your plate. All the dishes have a clear GF label, that enables you to choose what you want pretty easily.

Wahaca: If you are not near a Leon then finding a Wahaca near the Covent Garden or Soho should not be all that difficult. Apart from serving you up with amazing and spicy Mexican treats, the place is renowned for offering the best gluten-free treats in all of London. Perfect for those who love a touch of Mexican flair!

WAG Free: Here is a beautiful bakery that will satisfy your gluten-free sweet tooth! WAG Free in Brixton Village is a popular destination in London and those who are fine with gluten dig into its servings as gleefully as those looking to avoid gluten. Enjoy a beautiful evening at this lovely café. And while you are there do give the award winning Victoria Sponge cake a good go. It s not always about big lunches!

Stingray Café: Located in Tufnell Park, you can catch up on everything ranging from gluten-free paste to gluten-free pizza here! The café does serve some of the tastiest GF pizzas in all of London and you will be tempted to try out the seasonal fish and meat specials as well.

Mela: Indian cuisine is known to be largely gluten-free by design and London is probably the best destination for Indian delicacies in all of Europe. Mela promises the many tastes from the East and there is no dearth of choices when it comes to gluten-free cuisine here. A fabulous restaurant for those who love a hearty meal!

Wagamama: For those of you noodle lovers hop into a Wagamama and feast yourself with their delicacies. It won’t break the bank and we assure you it’s going to be great.

So have you tried any of these?

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