All You Wanted to Know About Fabulous Bahamas

Been to the Bahamas? Scattered in the Atlantic Ocean over an area of about 260 000 sq km, a cluster of 700 islands and 2050 islands of the Bahamas form a string over an area of ​​about 14 000 sq km. They all taper to the south-east from a point located some 80 km off the coast of Florida and up to 113 km off the coast of Haiti.

The 30 inhabited islands of the Bahamas are home to 300,000 people, and abound in  natural and historic treasures. The capital, Nassau,has been named in honor of William of Orange-Nassau, who is known as  William III of England.

Home of the Indians Lucayans , the islands offered Christopher Columbus the  first contact with the New World ( he discovered the island of San Salvador on October 12, 1492) and the Bahamas become the new home of the Puritans, who were fleeing from  religious persecution since 1649. The  Bahamas were later inhabited by pirates, who made a living from looting passing boats.

After the War of American Independence, it was the turn of British Loyalists from the United States to settle with their slaves to operate the cotton fields. The current population is said to be  descendants of runaway slaves.

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