Skiing in Asiago



After the Ski areas in Monte Verena , two minutes from the historic center of Asiago, there are the ski lifts of Valbella. A ski area without too many claims in the plateau of Seven Municipalities. It is  ideal for children, beginners, and for those who do not want to do too much road from Gallium or from Asiago.

Located at 1,180 meters above sea level, in the Hut Valbella when the weather is nice, you can eat tasty grilled delicacies or sunbath on the terrace that overlooks the slopes.

For the skiers part at Dallasciovia Valbella, leads to the peak of MountValbella at 1,314 meters of altitude. From here you can enjoy the 13 runs and 6 ski
There is a ski rental and ski school in Asiago that allows you to learn this fantastic sport.  To arrive at the plant Valbella Ski Lifts starting from the center of Asiago, you just have to take the provincial road 76 which leads to Gallium, then exceeded the church of Gallium Arsenide.lifts that make up the plant. For young children and beginners,  you can learn to ski before tackling the more difficult slopes in the district.

Take the first street (provincial road 128) and continue for about 3.5 kilometers; exceeded the Pizzeria in the Alpine it turns to the left toward and continue for about 1.5 kilometers. On the right, you will find a large parking area where you can leave your car.

Valbella Ski Lifts is snow with natural and artificial snow, while opening up of the installations will be scheduled for mid-December.


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