3 Features Your Next Business Travel Credit Card Should Have

When choosing a business credit card, there are definitely no shortage of options for you to pick from. If you are trying to sift through the myriad of options that you have, it’s important to evaluate each card based on the features that it carries. Here are three features that you might want your next business credit card to have.

business travel card

1. No International Purchase Fee

One factor that you need to look at is how much the credit card company will charge you when you purchase something overseas. A lot of credit cards will charge you a fee for the currency exchange every time you make a purchase outside of the country. However, there are a few credit cards out there that will actually waive any fees that come with international currency exchanges. This can make a big difference if you are living overseas or if you do business overseas a lot. You don’t want to have to lose three to five percent every time you buy something with your card.

2. Rewards That Work for You

When you are choosing a business credit card, you should also pay attention to the type of rewards that it offers. Not every rewards program is created equally. Some of them are more relevant to your lifestyle and some give rewards at a faster rate than others. For example, some programs give you one point for every dollar that you spend while others will give you two or three points per dollar. This allows you to accumulate rewards points quicker and get the things that you really want. Some rewards programs focus on areas that may be more important to you than others. For instance, if you travel a lot, you may want to get a credit card that builds airline miles so that you can get free tickets more often.

Rewards are more prevalent in some countries than others. For example, in the USA, while there are many credit cards with rewards, a rewards program is not standard across the board. Compare that with a completely different country like the UAE and the situation is very different. As you can see on this page, rewards programs there are much more commonplace.

3. Expense Tracking

Another nice feature that you should look for in a business credit card is expense tracking capabilities. Many of the business credit cards on the market today give you the ability to track expenses in different categories. With expense tracking, you can see exactly where all of your money is going. Many businesses have a hard time keeping track of the various expenses that they incur. With expense tracking, you’ll have a detailed record of everything that you buy for your business. This will make things a lot easier on you when it comes to determining how much business expense you have for tax purposes and for business planning. If you don’t know what you’re spending, then it becomes a lot more difficult to make business decisions that will help you.

Before you ultimately decide on what type of business credit card you want, make sure that you can compare features side-by-side. Don’t rush into any decisions to get a business credit card. Otherwise, you might end up paying a lot of unnecessary fees and expenses that you didn’t expect to hit your account. Doing a little homework can save you a lot of money and headache.

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